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We are not just offering you web storage!
All plans include monthly maintenance, weekly backups, up-time monitoring and security updates!
- We make sure your website runs smoothly 24/7/365 -
Choose the right option for your needs, if you are not familiar with this no need to worry we are always here to assist you!


We provide a complete solution for small or large commercial and retail spaces. No need to look around for different providers and suppliers, we will offer you the best that there is out in the market and the best that your money can buy, making sure you stay ahead of the competition.

We offer support and training, making sure you are satisfied and happy with the result. As we all know technology updates rapidly and its almost impossible financially to catch up, BUT, that does not mean you should be left behind. We are making sure to install, setup and train you in exactly what your company needs, to stay ahead of the competition and at the end, that's all it matters!

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We provide you with 3+ logo options / letterheads as well as color variations (dark / light)
...and everything else that you will need - all with ClickCOSMO
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We custom build every support contract according to your needs! Hourly rates as well as monthly, quarterly, biannual and annual plans. Why paying another salary for an in-house IT consultant, while you can save money and have one, just an email or a phone call away (remote response time 10~15 min | on-site 30~45 min).

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